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Ghiglione: Support Nou from Lopez resident

After last night’s League of Women’s Voters event on Lopez there is a clear choice for Sheriff, Rob Nou.


I attend these events and it is refreshing to hear candidates talk about their qualifications and even acknowledge and respect their opponents. Sheriff Nou opened by speaking about his 30 plus years in law enforcement and the achievements of the Sheriff’s office during his tenure.

Sheriff Nou’s opponent, Mr. Kreb chose to use his time using the political playbook of character assassination, i.e. vote for me the other guy is bad. He complained that an investigation of a San Juan County deputy’s conduct last Christmas took too long.

Apparently this candidate feels the best way to investigate is fast, don’t get all the facts and move on. His opponent said he received an overwhelming endorsement from the Sheriff’s guild, the union representing the deputies in contract negotiations and disciplinary actions.

He failed to say that just prior to receiving this support he was the guild president, makes you wonder why he wants to conclude investigations of officer conduct quickly. My grandfather called this hiring the fox to guard the henhouse. I want a Sheriff who holds our law enforcement professionals accountable for their actions or inactions; not someone beholding to the guild.

Mr. Kreb used scare tactics saying the citizens of Lopez are unsafe without a deputy on Lopez 24 hours a day 365 days a year and complained that one of the deputies assigned to Lopez Island is a reserve in the Army and gone one week of the month. He praised this deputy for his service to our country but lambasted the Sheriff for allowing this to occur. His answer to this problem was to hire 3 more deputies for Lopez and deputize volunteers, with no financial plan to back this up. While I have only lived on Lopez 6.5 years, we have never had 24 hour coverage and I have never felt unsafe. I work in public safety when we need law enforcement help, deputies arrive.

Mr. Kreb spoke about the low morale of the department and intimated the deputies who recently left Lopez left due to the low morale. Nothing could be further from the truth, I knew both of these individuals and they left because of family issues. Sheriff Nou responded to this attack with a positive statement about families come first!

The choice for me is clear! Vote for a man who works hard for our community, holds officers accountable, requires investigations to be complete and thorough, worked as a police chief for 8 years, been a law enforcement officer for over 30 years, been a fantastic partner with the other Lopez Island Public Safety Agencies and puts the citizens who elected him first! Or his opponent who appears to owe his allegiance elsewhere. I urge you to join me in retaining and voting for Sheriff Rob Nou, he works for us.

Jim Ghiglione

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