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Collins: Voting for Krebs for Sheriff

The upcoming election for Sheriff is an important one. I intend to vote for Ron Krebs.


Our islands and the residents who live here, both full time and seasonal, are a unique group of people. In general we tend to be educated, mature, and not in need of too much close supervision. We've chosen to live here because of the peacefulness and beauty of these surroundings. These islands can be, and should be, a friendly place where common sense prevails.

When it comes to the style of policing, the past couple of years has seen a trend in what I think is the wrong direction. There seems to be a consistent emphasis on "catch and enforce" rather than "serve and protect". In a conversation with Mr. Krebs at the county fair, I was impressed at how well he understands the difference between the two. I was impressed by his willingness to listen and his eagerness to find ways to ensure that the islands retain their special character. He understands that the role of law enforcement is a delicate balance that is based on common sense and mutual respect.

Now is an appropriate time for change. I urge a vote for Ron Krebs.

Ben Collins

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