Lee: Endorses for Ron Krebs for sheriff

As a citizen of SJC I am appalled on how the SJC Sheriff’s office has handled several situations in our community and I’m seeking change by voting for a new Sheriff.


What a wonderful place this community could be if we had a department that worked for and answered to its citizens vs harassing them. Every citizen should be asking themselves why the department has been suffering from a steep decline in morale within the department itself. T

his decline affects personalities with the deputies and how they interact with the public. We the people have the power to change this and to restore professionalism and service to the residents of San Juan County.

We need a Sheriff who will collaborate with other law enforcement agencies, community leaders and the residents of our beautiful islands, a Sheriff who will be open to communication of any kind that improves the future of our island culture.

The citizens of San Juan County have the opportunity to help restore integrity, respect, honor and pride within the SJC Sheriff’s Department by casting your vote for Ron Krebs.

Evelyn Lee

Friday Harbor, WA

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