15 deputies, dispatchers and correction officer support Krebs for sheriff

The current and former local deputies, detectives, dispatchers and corrections of your San Juan County Sheriff's office want you to know that 350+ years of law enforcement experience is voting for Ron Krebs, the better choice for your next Sheriff.


Undersheriff Jon Zerby (ret) 35+ years

Sargent Steve Vierthaler (ret) 37 years

Sargent Scott Brennan 27 years

Dep. Scott Johansen 30 years

Det. Brent Johnson 40 years

Dep. Jeff Asher 29 years

Dep. Jack Wilsey 30 years

Dep. Steve Johns 24 years

Dep. Eric Gardiner 18 years

Dep. Felix Menjivar 16 years

Dep. Nikki Rogers 14 years

Det. Lach Buchanan 14 years

Corrections Dan Seaton14 years

Dispatcher Mike Rennick 13 years

Dispatcher Mac McElrath 9

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