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Benedict: Vote for Krebs for sheriff

I am writing to urge all to vote for Ron Krebs for sheriff. I have had an opportunity to get to know Ron in the last year, starting when I needed assistance in a civil matter concerning the return of misplaced property to me.


Ron showed up with a can-do approach that was to, say the very least, impressive. He had a clear common sense approach to the situation that brought about resolution, and great relief to me, all in under an hour.

Since then I have spoken with Ron many times and continue to be impressed with his knowledge of many local issues, (and not local). Many subjects were discussed, and I found him to even have a head for numbers and business, which is a large part of being sheriff.

I am very comfortable with the idea of Ron Krebs being our new sheriff, and think we should elect him.

Scott A. Benedict

San Juan Island.

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