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Arons: Re-elect White as county clerk

To the Editors I am writing to support the candidacy of Joan White for County Clerk. Although I have only recently become licensed in Washington State, I have been a practicing lawyer for over thirty years and I've interacted with many county clerks.


What has impressed me the most about Joan White's running of the county clerk's office is not only the willingness to patiently help attorneys, but also the willingness to help members of the public navigate their way through filing and procedures with which they are not familiar.

This is in contrast to what I have witnessed in other offices, where clerks are irritable with anyone who asks questions or needs information.

Additionally, the county clerk's job is to keep things running smoothly, with documents being where they are supposed to be, and not disappearing. Joan's operation of the clerk's office has been outstanding, and I fully back her re-election as County Clerk.

Very truly yours,

Paul Arons

Friday Harbor

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