Cohen: My Critical New Years Resolution: Act Immediately, Time Has Run Out.

San Juan Island, January 1, 2015: In his New Years resolution for 2015, Dr. Michael J. Cohen at Project NatureConnect says his education socialized him to be a consumer and constituent who danced to the profit making schemes that underlie questionable parts of Industrial Society.

"Until the unreasonableness of these schemes and stories are corrected, or our attachments to them are removed, these corrupt relationships increasingly injure the life of our planet including us. This is scientifically confirmed by Earth Overshoot Day."

"My New Years resolution this year is to make 2015 be the first year that the disastrous Earth Overshoot Day comes later than August 19, 2016 rather than earlier as is predicted. I invite interested individuals to help me in this endeavor if the following information makes sense to them:"

PLEASE! Please look around and listen. It’s now or never time.

Scientific studies today show that human misery and our resource depletion of the Earth are steadily increasing.

It is imperative that we stop denying this critical situation.

Our science, education and media communities have been given a potent sensory remedy to halt this epidemic. We suffer because they are attached to making money by withholding the remedy from us.

The nervous part of you already recognizes the corruption that is rampant in our contemporary world. Do you know how to remedy it? The ways and means are readily available, however, we are in denial.

Our leaders have socialized us into denying that we must apply the remedy right now and that this is possible.

Help end our runaway craziness. It results from our addiction to unreasonable ideas, methods and materials that reward us with money and power.

We are unbalanced because healthy fulfillments being withheld from us makes us want. We feel there is never enough. Our wanting drives us into excessiveness and emotional dependencies that place our planetary and personal life at risk.

Wake up! Our destructiveness is not a secret. It's source, however, is covered-up by the misguided folks who profit by selling us more of everything. This includes selling us tranquilizers for the anxieties, disorders and unfairness their profiteering generates. They could, instead, choose to sell organic things and services.

Stop your doubting. It’s not your imagination that we are living on borrowed time and health. Scientific studies show that on August 19, 2014 Planet Earth ran out of resources to support human activity for the rest of that year.

Validated research reports that we annually use 150 percent more things and energy than our Living Planet can produce. In the USA this figure is 400 percent more and these figures have increased yearly since 1975. Sadly, it is very profitable for this addictive travesty to quietly grow year after year. See

What to do? The exact sensory source of our unbalanced thinking and relationships has been identified and an organic remedy for this detrimental addiction has been determined.

- We must employ individuals who have enough intelligence and training to apply the remedy.

- We must support people who have intelligence enough to want to learn to use the remedy to the benefit of all.

Get real. It's important that you instantly can make a free contribution to society and yourself by engaging in Project NatureConnect’s Ultimate Intelligence effort because it helps prevent our oncoming global disaster. You can help others use it, too. It works by increasing personal, social and environmental well being. and it is available, free, at (

Be Wise. Get on board now so that there is a board later.


Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.


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