Peggy Sue McRae: Supports cannabis farming

To the Editor,

My father James McRae, grew up farming on San Juan Island. Although he passed away in 1975 I will always remember him telling me that he had the best childhood a person could have. My Mom, Flossie Mullis McRae grew up in the Town of Friday Harbor, but even so raised chickens, sheep, and ate from a kitchen garden and family orchard. I have benefitted all my life from the farms on San Juan Island. The way I see it agriculture is a very large part of what makes Island living a quality way of life.


I fully support retaining and building on the quality of life our local agriculture provides for us by supporting agricultural endeavors including the growing of cannabis and the use of greenhouses. Therefore I am against the proposed moratorium on growing cannibus in San Juan County. We should be supporting the success of a diversified agriculture not standing in it's way.


Peggy Sue McRae

San Juan Island

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