More financial scrutiny of SJ EMS needed

Dear Editor,

A recent article released by the EMT Association asking for public donations to help fund a new ambulance is disturbing to me. It leads one to assume that this necessary replacement of ambulances is hampered by the public's denial of the last levy. This is NOT the case!

The public has always been supportive and trusting of our endeared EMT volunteers and their endeavors. However, recently they have shown by their votes a hesitation to support the EMT Association's administration. I have concerns about the lack of transparency of the financial management of the EMS administration. Long ago, a capital reserve fund was in place to provide funds to replace aging ambulances.... at present it is not in place and there have been no ambulances purchased. I assume the monies were transferred to the general fund.... and if so ...why?

I feel our elected commissioners have not provided a fiscally responsible EMS administration and not scrutinized well enough their operations.They have also have alienated themselves from their constituents. Public meetings and feedback opportunities are difficult to attend and almost nil. There is a perceived attitude that I have of them, that they know what is best for us and we should trust their decisions.

Reviewing the 2014 SJI EMS Revenue Status Report acquired from the county recently there is an apparent excess of $300,000 revenue not made public. That sum is enough for 2 ambulances! The 2014 Expenditure Report is also very enlightening....over a million dollars of salaries was paid out.

There is an immense amount of money being spent on our EMS system here . With limited public input, very little transparency and seemingly a lack of financial scrutiny one is concerned about a sustainable EMS.

I am asking the commissioners to take a serious look at their mission and to do due diligence


Veronica Metcalfe CNOR

San Juan Island

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