Chance to elect 3 new hospital commissioners

Peace Health is a public hospital here in Friday Harbor. I have had to go there twice and have been quite satisfied with the service. But it is my understanding that right now we are already spending over a million dollars of our public tax money there every year – and are pledged to do so for the next fifty years. And their patient charges are not cheap, are they?

We have a chance in November to elect three new public hospital commissioners to oversee these mind-boggling finances. We had better pick some people who are very smart and very public service minded. Some people with backgrounds that can help them deal with a very difficult financial situation and that can make compromises when they need to.

In the on-line papers, you can read the backgrounds and statements for each of the candidates. If you do, I think you’ll join with me in choosing Barbara Sharp, Bill Williams and Monica Harrington as our new commissioners. Together, I feel certain they will bring the oversight that is so obviously needed.

Jim Stegal

Friday Harbor

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