Vote for Williams, Sharp and Harrington

Dear Islanders,

I endorse Bill Williams, Barbara Sharp and Monica Harrington for Hospital Commissioners. I have known and talked with each of them for some time now. They are each different in background, education and temperament. But they all identify the need for better information and better monitoring of tax dollars being spent by the Pubic Hospital District.

They recognize well the investment in the facility and the desire of our community to have as affordable and comprehensive health care as possible. They do not denigrate the existing facility or its medical staff. They do question the management in several areas that are under the control of local Hospital District and/or the contract medical provider, Peace Health.

Good solutions to the known problems are very possible without damaging the quality of care this community enjoys. It is not an impossible job by any means. Not one of these three candidates for this volunteer elected position believes cooperation is not the preferred and sought for goal to any of the issues. It will take work and time and support to create good change - it always does.

But the first step is asking the right questions and working for accurate, verifiable answers. Then the options for change can be based on reality and thus an open and informed dialogue with the parties and voters. This election highlights my respect for local candidates willing to speak up -- those people willing to tackle the challenges of spending tax dollars wisely, legally and as fairly as possible.

I am happily endorsing Barbara Sharp, Bill Williams and Monica Harrington for the SJ County Public Hospital District #1 Commission positions.

David L. Zeretzke

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