John and Rynnie Wilson: Vote for Keith Carver for Port Commission

John and I are in support of Keith Carver for the upcoming position of Port Commissioner, representing District 2 on San Juan Island. Keith is the candidate that we will vote for because of his integrity, honesty, intellect and love for our Port of Friday Harbor.

We have sat along side of Keith and his family during many of the tumultuous port meetings when the current port commissioners hired a new port director to replace Marilyn O’Connor when she retired.

After much conflict under the new management, it was obvious that the current port commissions were covering up issues and even had changing explanations for firing one of their top employees and using the “port budget” as a cover up for the firing.

Never realizing that they trusted the wrong person in their decisions making and never listening to their staff. We felt like our three port commissions were incompetent at problem solving and never taking the initiative to address issues that should have been dealt with. Because of the actions from our current port commissioners, the staff sought out protection from the Union.

We understand that the majority of us have not been involved in our port meetings and therefore do not see the shortcomings of our Port Commissioners to date. While we were attending the port meetings, we realized that the tasks at hand belonged to more capable and skilled commissioners who could solve problems, manage and protect their employees and to protect the direction of our port. Just because they might have help their position as a Port Commissioner for a few terms, doesn’t mean they are capable of the demands of Port decisions and the integrity and responsibilities of today.

There is no doubt that our Port of Friday Harbor needs better representation with new port commissioners who are trustworthy, educated and someone with integrity to guide us on a daily basis. Because of Keith’s accomplishments in life, we support him and we know that he will be an asset as one of our port commissioners to see us through future projects and the possible purchase of Jensen Shipyard.

We need to make a healthy change and start out fresh.

We support Keith Carver and I hope that you will too.

John and Rynnie Wilson

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