Madsen: Supports Lindstrum for SJI Hospital Board

I strongly support Anna Lisa Lindstrum for election to the Public Hospital District board position #2, and urge my fellow islanders to vote for her as well. She is committed to ensuring the viability of Planned Parenthood, a vital service in a community with no other local options for women’s reproductive care, and she is committed to leading discussion on solutions for elder care with the closing of the Life Care Center.

Anna Lisa is well known in the community, but is no politician — she is stepping up (as we all need to!) in order to improve our community and bring fresh leadership to an important decision-making body. Her answers to questions about supporting Planned Parenthood were clear and forthright, and did not dodge the issue, as have others who run for our PHD board. She is committed, articulate, and understands the issues facing our community.

Please join me in voting for Anna Lisa Lindstrum for position #2 on the Hospital District board!

Mark Madsen

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