Cohen: Supporting Keith Carver….A Different Perspective

I am writing this letter in support of Keith Carver for Port Commissioner. Keith has impressed me as an intelligent, accomplished, capable man who cares about the Port and would represent his constituency well addressing their concerns and listening to their input. I want to be clear that I truly believe that Barbara Marrett deserves a great deal of thanks and appreciation from this community for her many years of service to the Port. I concur with previous letters of support that she is knowledgeable, intelligent and honestly cares about the Port’s success. Last year was unquestionably not a shining moment for our commissioners, however out of that failure came an excellent executive director well suited to lead our port into a prosperous future.

I am a supporter of term limits for elected officials. It is my belief that entrenched politicians forget that they are public servants and begin to treat the entity they represent as their own, no longer feeling the need to listen to the community members that elected them as they feel they know better. New people with fresh ideas are a good thing for any political district. There are great individuals, like Keith, that have a lot of untapped potential for leadership in our community but because we do not have any limits on terms served, the same people keep the same position year after year and often for decades.

I am sure that many San Juan Island voters disagree with me and like the comfort of that familiar name in office or they think that if someone is doing a good job why not keep them. I do understand your arguments but I believe this sameness to be a negative and the Port District would thrive with new energy. Though paid, a port commissioner is a community service position and not a career. Knowledge of port workings is important but it is not rocket science and certainly can be learned and mastered quickly by someone like Keith who is willing and interested. I hope you will consider this different perspective on why to vote for Keith Carver.

Lauren Cohen- Airport Neighbor & Marina Business Tenant

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