Hodgkin: Upset by Port's choice to run Jensen's Shipyard

Let's give praise to our Port Commissioners for deciding that an off-island firm with a very sketchy proposal is a better choice to run Jensen's shipyard than an on-island group which has taken the time and effort to provide a very detailed plan for running the shipyard.

I'm sure we all agree that it is important for our publicly funded Port to send as many dollars off island as they possibly can. We all, I'm sure, agree that no islander can possibly run a local shipyard with any efficiency or competence, and that it would be a major error for the Port to support local businesses or employees or give them a chance to show their abilities. After all, we are all aware that there is nothing that local businessmen can do as competently as those who are strangers to our island and its economy and workers. And, the idea, if anyone should be so foolish as to suggest it, that local tax dollars should be used when possible to hire local employees and keep tax dollars local is contrary to all the principles of our local Port politicians.

So let's praise the commissioners for turning their backs on local businesses and workers and putting the interests of mainland businesses and workers at the forefront of their thinking and their use of our tax dollars.

Christopher Hodgkin

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