Ahrenius: It's been a joy to serve the islands

Letter to the Editor,

Since Benjamin Jensen came to San Juan Island in the mid 1880’s, the Jensen’s have been involved in the marine industry. The first boats were built for transporting goods and people. Then the commercial fish boats and finally the pleasure boats. From sail, to steam, to diesel and gas, oh, the changes we’ve seen. From Benjamin, to Albert and his brothers, Pete, Frank and Joe, then to Nourdine, what a legacy they have made. The last boat was built in 1984 and since then we’ve been concentrating on maintenance and repair, moorage and storage.

It has been an honor to serve our islands and we have been blessed with support from family and friends, customers and community. There is little joy in the leaving but we are confident the Port of Friday Harbor will do an excellent job taking our shipyard into the future.

With our sincere thanks,

Mike & Jeri Ahrenius

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