Adelberger: Pleased with CenturyLink service

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the Rock Island Team entitled "The continued decline and failure of CenturyLink in San Juan County". This is just the latest in Rock Island's continuing denigration of Century Link.

They should stop bad-mouthing the competition and instead put effort into serving the many people in the county who are unable to get any reliable service from Rock Island. Thanks to CenturyLink's upgrade of their VDSL broadband I now have steady reliable download speeds of 25 Mbs.

I spent several years trying to get decent broadband speeds through Rock Island. They first pushed optical fiber to the house expecting local users to pay almost all the costs of middle and last miles. I and a friend/neighbor spent time trying to drum up enthusiasm for this Rock Island service but the costs in our low-density neighborhood were completely prohibitive.

Then Rock Island started pushing their LTE service. I spent a huge amount of time and some expense (different antennas, different locations) trying to get a decent signal at my house. But reception was sporadic at best and when it occasionally worked at all it was extremely slow. But Rock Island kept stringing me along, telling me that new LTE towers would fix the problem. But they never did.

Then CenturyLink upgraded their VDSL service and I now am a very satisfied customer. I encourage everyone who cannot get decent broadband service from Rock Island to contact CenturyLink. And I wish Rock Island would stop knocking CenturyLink and put their own house in order.

Eric Adelberger 

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