Secunda: Upset about Haven Road sidewalk plans

Dear SJC Council and who ever is posing as being in charge or representing the public,

It is mind blowing that the Miller project is going forward. Who is inspecting and approving this atrocity ? I know zero people who are for this. All the meetings and you ignored us, obviously. Bad enough but then today it is going way too far into crazy. I am very concerned about the Haven road sidewalk there is no way on earth or probably hell either that it will work. The storm water grade and pathway is way impossible, the side of the embankment will cave, madronas will die and fall and take the embankment with them. It is not even wheelchair accessible.

So desperately disappointing and ridiculous. I resent having such a mess thrown on my tax bill when it is signed off on us.

Like many i feel like you sold us and think about leaving. 18 years then got sold. What you are doing is wrecking this place. Sad sad shame. Better get a realist on the ground at that site,



Kim Secunda

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