Hospice of San Juan: Thanks United Way of San Juan County

To the Editor:

This is a wonderful community - one that deserves a constant flow of gratitude. Today I’d like to say many thanks to United Way of San Juan County and everyone in the community who gives to United Way, both monetarily and by giving of their time! United Way has supported Hospice of San Juan reliably over the years, and is one of very few sources of “no strings attached” funding for our operational expenses.

We are a "virtual" business; we have no building to house our agency nor do we have employees that need to be paid since we are all-volunteer. However, we do have fixed operational costs such as voicemail, liability insurance, postage, photocopies, and storage and repair of medical equipment that we lend to the community.

Without United Way's unrestricted grant money, we simply could not function.

Hospice of San Juan (www.hospiceofsanjuan.org) is a primary support service of those providing in-home care to persons who are homebound or at the end of life, benefitting those who live on San Juan Island at no cost to existing systems. Founded in 1984 by a small group of dedicated island nurses and caregivers, we received non-profit status in 1985 and Federal 501(c)3 status in 1993.

We currently work both independently and alongside Medicare-funded hospice services that come from Skagit County. United Way of San Juan County’s support helps us deliver our entirely volunteer-operated programs of caregiver respite, medical equipment lending, grief support, Music & Memory program, and training and education of volunteers and community caregivers. Many many thanks to all of you who donate to United Way, and many thanks for your ongoing support of Hospice of San Juan!

Mariluz Villa

Main Operations Manager

Hospice of San Juan 


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