Stamper: Supports Gaylord for Prosecuting Attorney

As a police officer for 34 years, the first 28 in San Diego, the last six (1994 – 2000) as Seattle’s police chief, I am honored to endorse Randy Gaylord for reelection as our Prosecuting Attorney.

I have known Randy for as long as I’ve lived here on Orcas (over 17 years) and have enjoyed several in-depth conversations with him on key criminal justice issues facing the residents of San Juan County. I’ve also had an opportunity to observe his administration of the prosecutor’s office, his handling of an ever-increasing caseload, and his commitment to community involvement and leadership.

I can say without hesitation that Randy Gaylord has the knowledge, skills, temperament, and integrity needed to lead the vital and complex work of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Please join me in voting for Randy Gaylord as our Prosecuting Attorney.

Norm Stamper


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