Milliken: Supports Asher for Sheriff

I would like to add myself to the list of those endorsing Deputy Asher for the position of Sheriff of San Juan County. I Have known Deputy Asher for over 20 years and during that time I have been privileged to be able to call him a mentor, partner and friend. I was a deputy with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office from 1998-2006.

When I first started my career, Jeff was a detective and mentored me to help me become the police officer I am today. As a new deputy he helped me immensely, always being professional, patient, and a man of integrity. Much of what he taught me has left an impression on me that has served me well throughout my career. Jeff’s attention to detail and his ability to connect with people from all walks of life are characteristics I have always sought to emulate. Jeff always listens to people he comes in contact with. Even those he will eventually arrest are listened to and treated with fairness and dignity.

I was privileged to work with Jeff on many investigations which specifically included drug related and person crimes. He was a reliable partner on patrol. And a respected leader of the Dive team.

Deputy Asher has a proven track record as an outstanding deputy and vested member of the community. He understands how unique the San Juan County community is.

My family has lived as members of the San Juan County community for nearly 70 years. We couldn’t ask for a better candidate for Sheriff. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Asher for sheriff."

Officer Tad Miniken

Puyallup Police Department

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