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Brennan: Doesn't trust Sheriff Krebs

Ron Krebs is NOT the man he portrays himself to be. I believed and supported him during the last election telling people he was an honest man of integrity. He is NOT. And, hearing from others, I see a pattern of his deception that shows me he can not be trusted. He will say one thing and do something completely different without batting an eye.

I have known Ron since he moved here and became a deputy. He made me believe he was friend, a man with integrity and good intentions and someone who cared about people. It turns out that Ron is just another politician who smiles in your face and tells you what you want to hear and only wants to promote and serve himself. There have been several situations, on a variety of calls, where opportunities were presented for Ron to show some kind of concern or compassion for members of the Sheriff’s Department for what they had gone thru on the job and he did NOT…or even seem to realize he should.

My husband, Scott Brennan, is a retired 30 year veteran with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department. He put his life on the line hundreds of times for the people of San Juan County and always thought of the community first, before himself.

We are a tight knit community and many of us have known each other for decades. Recently my husband and another deputy were the first responders on the brutal murder of a woman he had known for almost 30 years. Afterwards, Ron showed no concern for their emotional health and no awareness that this may have been a very traumatic call for them.

After three decades of service, my husband’s last day was celebrated with…..nothing. Ron showed no appreciation for his years of service and commitment to this community. He showed up in old jeans and a t-shirt, gave him a handshake and left. Later, in a conversation with a citizen, Ron said there were deputies that he had ‘moved on’ because they didn’t want to meet his expectations. He then felt compelled to say my husband was one of them, even though, by his own choice, Scott had already been honorably retired for three months.

My hope is that the voters will not be fooled into believing Ron is the man he portrays himself to be. He claims to be man of his word, but from what I know, first hand, of Ron’s words is that you can’t believe what’s coming out of his mouth while he’s smiling in your face.

Ron seems to be a man without any awareness, concern or compassion for the people who work closest to him. I doubt he can be trusted to have any for the community. The pattern I see in Ron is truly disturbing and he is not the person he portrays himself to be.

Leslie Brennan

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