Kaiman: Supports Brandli for District Court Judge

Being a judge is an extremely difficult and challenging job. I sit as a Judge Pro Tem in the Whatcom County District Court for several days each month, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of what the demands of the job are, and what is required to be a fair, reasonable, and effective judicial officer.

Steve Brandli has what it takes to be a great District Court Judge for the people of San Juan County. He has over a decade of experience in criminal and civil law. He knows the law, and he has the temperament and maturity to apply it fairly to everyone. I’ve known Steve Brandli since he began practicing law in Friday Harbor, and I am confident that he has the ability to make difficult decisions that will abide by the principles of fairness and justice.

Sitting in judgment of others is a tremendous responsibility that should only be entrusted to an individual who has demonstrated wisdom gained through experience. We can put our trust in Steve Brandli. I heartily endorse his candidacy for District Court Judge.

Mark A. Kaiman

Attorney at Law

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