Brennan: I-1639 is Wasted Energy

On your upcoming ballot you will see Initiative 1639, titled the ‘Safe School & Community’ bill. I have read and re-read all 30 pages of this initiative and the only place ‘safe schools’ or schools are mentioned at all, is in the title. I have been in law enforcement for 30 years with specific training in making schools safer, threat assessment and active violence response. All that this initiative would do is take your tax dollars to create an unwieldy, expensive bureaucracy that only make things harder for the already law abiding citizens.

This is not about whether you believe in the 2nd Amendment, it is about wasted and misdirected efforts and money. Making our schools safer involves examining the individual schools and finding ways to monitor who goes in out, setting up safer classrooms, making plans for various incidents and training the teachers and students what do and coordination of all of this with local emergency services. If the amount of effort, money and personnel this initiative will require was actually focused on and used for school safety our children could actually be made safer.

Nothing is more important than keeping our children safe in their schools and this initiative does nothing towards that. This is not just my opinion, the Washington Peace Officers organization agrees and also say Vote No on I-1693. If you care about school safety, Vote No, and ask your politicians to actually focus on the children.

Scott Brennan

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