Retired FBI agent endorses Asher for Sheriff

To The Citizens of San Juan County:

I write to wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Asher for the position of Sheriff of San Juan County. I have known Jeff for over 20 years, having met him in my then capacity as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I was stationed in Bellingham from 1997 until my retirement at the end of 2010.

Jeff, as a detective with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, was extremely helpful whenever I had to contact people on the Islands. He guided and accompanied me, and literally made boats and airplanes available to me when needed. In my 34 years if FBI service around the US, I met few law enforcement officers who were as helpful to me as Jeff. In addition, we collaborated on investigations from time to time. I found Jeff’s skills as an investigation to be second to none.

I know that Jeff, as a lifelong resident of the islands, cares deeply about the community. In particular, he is concerned about the effects of drug abuse, including the distribution of illegal drugs, as well as the illegal sale and use of prescription narcotics.

I find Jeff to be a man of the highest integrity, and of the highest professional standards.

It is my pleasure to give Jeff the highest recommendation, without reservation or hesitation, in his bid to become the next Sheriff of San Juan County.

James T. Powers

FBI Special Agent (Retired)

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