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Weiss: Endorses Power for Prosecuting Attorney

I met Nick in 2013, when he first began his legal practice in Friday Harbor. He represented me in a particular situation at that time. Nick was completely available, clear about his intentions, creative in his method and a great person to have at my back.

We remain on friendly terms since that time and my opinion of Nick has not wavered. What I have grown to appreciate over the past few years, is his passionate commitment to some of the very serious problems facing the county. My own experience of SJC is an attitude of "if we don't mention it, it doesn't exist", far too much of the time. The islands are not immune from the foibles of the larger culture - quite the contrary. I believe that Nick Power understands this completely. I also believe that he will do what he says he will do - and prosecute those who blatantly endanger our citizens to the full extent the law allows.

Nick and his wife, Penelope, have demonstrated full commitment to their chosen home. Raising young women in our current culture is not an easy task. Our children are the proof in the pudding. I believe that they both represent something fundamentally good about us all.

Nick will make an outstanding Prosecuting Attorney. Change is good. I support him wholeheartedly.

Susan Weiss

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