YES for Homes Coalition of San Juan County thanks voters

The YES for Homes Coalition of San Juan County extends its deep gratitude to all the voters who helped pass the historic Home Fund. We are so excited to know that soon new affordable housing will be available to more people in our county.

And to all the other supporters: endorsers, volunteers, and donors -- we are appreciative that so many of our neighbors took the time to study and understand Proposition 1 and embraced the opportunity to work with us in helping to solve the affordable housing crisis in San Juan County.

To the many businesses who endorsed the Home Fund, the phone callers, those who put up yard signs, attended an informational meeting, or wrote a check: we send a huge Thank You. Your support means that approximately 400 families could obtain stable housing over the next 12 years in San Juan County!

The YES for Homes Coalition included representation from throughout the County, and from all of us – to all of you who made this happen – THANK YOU!

YES for Homes Coalition of San Juan County


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