Graham: Congratulations to San Juan Community Home Trust's latest neighborhood

The San Juan Community Home Trust has done it again, and with a special bit of flourish!

A few weeks ago, the 11th and 12th houses were barged into Jacksons Beach and trucked to their permanent lots in the affordable housing project, Sun Rise II. These two complete this innovative project of homes all “recycled” from the Victoria-area on Vancouver Island…all but one.

That last one? It truly represents the quintessential idea of reuse and recycling. The “Stewart House” as it is called came from Decatur Island, but this wasn’t its first move.

“Stewart” was originally a Seattle-area home. What? It was slated for demolition as it sat in the path of the I-5 corridor that was being constructed in the 1960s. Rather than see this wonderful house destroyed the owners had it barged to Decatur Island near this island’s airstrip, and saw it become the family’s vacation home.

The Stewart family enjoyed many happy years here but then made the decision to build a new home. Not willing to see its demise, the family and the Home Trust fashioned an agreement where “Stewart” would become another wonderful, and final, addition in Sun Rise II.

To see “Stewart” and the other newly-arrived home, “Windsor”, take a short ride on Grover to its end. Not only will you see these two, but the other ten homes that are a part of this neighborhood.

Congratulations are once again due the Home Trust for its innovative, recycling/reuse efforts at providing permanently affordable housing for our island.

The Home Trust’s next project? Stay tuned!

Gay Graham

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