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Brennan: Doubts raised about integrity of PHD No. 1 Board

For several years, the San Juan County Hospital Board meetings were held at the Frank Wilson EMS building with only written minutes of the meetings.

In 2014, the County Council gave the Hospital Board permission to conduct their meetings in the council room, where they would have access to audio, visual and live streaming service. This opened upped greater public access and a more convenient location of the meeting.

The Hospital Board meetings returned to the EMS building in March of 2018. The meeting time changed to 3 pm, and there was no longer the same public access of audio, visual and live streaming. The return of these services has been requested of the Hospital Board but appears to be low on their agenda.

One Board Member questioned whether this service was really necessary, when few people were reportedly viewing them at past meetings. The cost of this service would be nominal. More expensive decisions were supported such as hiring more full time paid personnel, giving a $75,000 severance package to an outgoing EMS Chief, who is currently under investigation, as well as paying his attorney fees to represent him.

Additionally, we’re still paying attorney fees in the CID investigation against former EMS Chief, Jim Cole for, alleged Medicaid Fraud.

With the recent failure of Commissioner Edwards to even mention a pending investigation to other Board Members, it brings some serious doubt of the integrity of this Hospital Board and their oversight and the best use of taxpayers’ money.

Leslie Brennan

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