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Brennan: $70K severance pay for Chief Martin could be better spent on EMS

The San Juan County Hospital District #1 Commissioners have approved retiring EMS Chief Martin a $70,000 severance effective this April 1, 2019.

They do so while Chief Martin continues to be investigated by the Department of Health for failure to provide documentation of his training. Both the Hospital Board members and the Department of Health have requested this of Chief Martin numerous times and he has refused.

So why would violating their requests entitle Martin to $70,000 of taxpayer’s money that could otherwise be used on EMS?

Severance packages are typically given to employees who are unwillingly being asked to move on for reasons such as their position was discontinued or the company can no long afford to pay. But, Chief Martin is willingly resigning from his position as Chief of EMS. And, as Chief Martin leaves his position, the taxpayers will continue to pay for his legal fees as the investigation proceeds.

If you feel your tax dollars would be better spent improving our EMS services, please contact your Hospital Board commissioners and let them know how you feel about this.

Michael Edwards at edwards@sjcphd1.org;

Mark Schwinge at schwinge@sjcphd1.org;

Rebecca Smith at smith@sjcphd1.org;

Dr. Warren Appleton at Appleton@sjcphd.

Anna Lisa Lindstrum at lindstrum@sjcphd1.org.

Leslie Brennan

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