Nichols: Response to banana peel letter Featured

After reading the paper I went on my evening bike ride. I could not get the banana letter out of my head. I'm sorry, I just can't picture it. Eating a banana while riding? Really.

Personally I need two hands to peel a banana and banana peels taste nasty so no way would I use my teeth. How are these cyclists peeling their bananas and riding their bike? Cyclists are not riding so fast that the wind blows the peel on the shoulder, would they really drop peels where they ride? Wouldn't they be more likely to toss it further in the grass? I just can't see it.

Now cars on the other hand have passenger windows. Passengers can use both hands. Cars travel fast, so the wind catches the peel to prevent it from being tossed in the grass. That I can see happening.

I completely agree that banana peels on the side of the road are a menace. They should be disposed of properly. Littering is wrong no matter what your mode of transportation is.

Susie Nichols, OTR/L

Friday Harbor, WA

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