Park: Re Mullis Center Objection to Patriotism Featured

I am flabbergasted at the brouhaha taking place at the Mullis Center. I can’t fathom an argument for not saying the pledge of allegiance to our flag. Would someone fill me in if there’s an actual rationale that I’m missing.

I owe many good things to the fact that I was born and raised in this country: I can worship if I want and where I want, I can say just about anything (still I believe), I can earn money in a job and hope for promotion, I can serve my country in the military or (unless in time of war) choose not to serve in that way, I can travel, even as a low middle income person I have wealth beyond the wildest dreams of many people in the world, I don’t go hungry, I don’t go without shelter and I can pledge some of my income to help those who are not so fortunate as I, I have that income to pledge. Even if I’m an expatriate, I enjoy benefits beyond those given to people of other nations because of my citizenship.

If pledging allegiance to the flag of this wonderful country which has given me so much is a crime, sign me up for civil disobedience. I have been a member of the Mullis Center and was considering signing up again, but not if anyone is stopped from asserting their loyalty to our country. I hope others will follow my lead and boycott the Center. I can’t see that they have a leg to stand on and I don’t want to support an organization that doesn’t support my country in the least way possible.

I consider myself a progressive, compassionate liberal, but this is one place where I agree we need to Make America Great Again by permitting (hopefully encouraging) signs of patriotism and loyalty.

Lutie Park

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