Marie Skuffeeda: This letter is a response to Rita Weisbrod Featured

In her letter to the editor Rita Weisbrod, she said, “While some diners want to continue to say the Pledge of Allegiance before lunch at the Mullis Center, others do not but remain silent to avoid criticism from louder voices. Many have told us they do not come to lunches because they do not like the pledge and prayer ceremony.”

I am a board member who voted against this arbitrary and capricious decision to do away with a thirty plus year tradition of starting our Senior Lunch with a Pledge of Allegiance. Several board members were intimidated and bullied into abstaining from the vote because the board president told us it was illegal to say the Pledge in public. When I voted “NO”, I was bullied by the few who wanted to trash our customs. Those in favor of the banning the tradition of the Pledge of Allegiance told me that we had to go along with the decision of the board and should change our vote.

At the May meeting, I was subjected to more pressure. The comment from another board member was, “Some of the board members who voted “no” on the issue of the Pledge should support the board intentions.”

Marie Skuffeeda

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