Rasmussen: Wants PIMC to take over Islanders Physical Therapy that is closing Featured

It has come to my attention that Island Physical Therapy (Joyce Thompson) is closing. This is of great concern for me, and to many others. I have been going to this facility for years. It is equipped with the highest quality equipment and is staffed with top-notch therapists. What will we do when it closes? The clinic's employees, will lose their jobs and myself and many others, will not be able to complete our recommend therapy because of this closure.

There is one other physical therapy facility on the Island that is at full capacity and is not accepting new customers. Considering the elder age of the Islands population there is a definite need for more than one physical therapy operation.

What are the elderly patients that need physical therapy going to do? Is it possible for Peace Health to fill the void, can they fill this urgent need? It is very difficult for elderly patients to go off island for their therapy. The cost is high, and the scheduling is difficult, if not unmanageable for most of us. I understand that it may not be the policy of Peace Health to take over private facilities, but why can’t this policy be changed when it provides so many positive benefits?

Please, consider taking over Island Physical Therapy so its patients can continue to receive the important services that are essential to our health and wellbeing.

Thank you,

Patricia Rasmussen

Editor's Note: Other Physical Therapy businesses in Friday Harbor and in the San Juan Islands are still accepting patients. 


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