Dustrude: Isn't the Fire Commission concerned about rushing into contract with EMS? Featured

TO: Frank Cardinale, Bob Jarman, and Albert Olson, Fire District 3 Commissioners


Quite a number of island citizens have publicly expressed their concern about the public hospital district’s lame-duck membership rushing to approve an inter-local agreement with your board in their last couple of months in office, thus tying the hands of the newly elected board.

I’m hoping that you three might be more concerned about the propriety and the wisdom of rushing this agreement, especially considering the prudent step-by-step procedure recommended unanimously by the citizens advisory group.

You must surely be concerned about some of the financial ramifications of merging with a body that owns a large (perhaps unnecessarily large) building on upper Spring Street, which has not yet been fully paid for.

You must be concerned about merging two bodies that do not even have the same geographic boundaries.

You must also be concerned about merging with a group that may well owe the State of Washington somewhere between $350,000 and one million dollars for decisions made long in the past — decisions with which you had nothing to do.

And as everyone unanimously asked at a recent public hospital district meeting: “What is the rush?” (unanimous, that is, except for the one who said, “Don’t do it at all.”)

The citizens advisory group recommended a two-year process. Do you see any reason to ignore their recommendation?

Thank you.

Louise Dustrude


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