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Appel: A call for rational climate action Featured

You attend lectures, subscribe to emails, newsletters and magazines, and buy books describing environmental degradation and the resulting death, destruction and misery suffered by all forms of life, and the sometimes heroic, sometimes illegal, and sometimes quixotic, actions of those on the front lines. You donate to environmental causes. Your most simpatico friends do the same. You see them at gatherings and protests to which many drive. Do you?

If you do, look around the parking area. Do you see any EVs there? Is one yours? If not, ask yourself why not. For many of us the up-front barrier is financial, even though over time ownership and operation, repairs and fuel cost less than the alternative.

For those of us who can afford to rent or buy an EV (used ones are far less expensive) our habitual and therefore unthinking reliance on fossil fuels nevertheless runs deep. The barrier is a state of mind fed by “range anxiety,” that curious fear of mindfulness that makes us behave reactively rather than proactively.

As you already know, this state of mind is very expensive for the environment. If it’s time to replace your current vehicle, you know what to do.

Bill Appel

Friday Harbor, WA

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