Sturdivant: Opposes commercialization of local parks Featured

One of the most appealing things about moving to San Juan Island, more than 40 years ago, was finding a place where commercial endeavors were not encroaching on every part of the island.

The Town of Friday Harbor is only a tat more than 1 mile square and contains most anything any of us could want to consume. Travel beyond that mile and the incredible beauty and peacefulness of this place slides easily into view.

Now I read of proposals before the county to resort to commercialization of our local parks and campgrounds with the zany idea of allowing “glamping”….”glamorous camping” - as in much more expensive camping sites along with commercial selling on site.

Please join me in contacting San Juan Parks Dept. and San Juan County Council to give a loud boo to this current idea. Our many visitors don’t come here to visit more convenient hot dog stands - they come here, at least in part, to visit a place that has managed to maintain its incredible peacefulness and beauty in a world gone mad for money.


Lee Sturdivant

Friday Harbor

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