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Thank you, San Juan Lions Club, for supporting the Parkinson’s Alert Dogs. Featured

PADs for Parkinson’s of San Juan Island would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for a $1,500 grant from the San Juan Island Lions Club. These much-needed funds will be used to support the 20 dogs of PADs in their training program.

PADs for Parkinson’s is the first program in North America to train dogs to detect an odor associated with Parkinson’s Disease, and the only program providing unrestricted canine assessment and research findings to the Parkinson’s community.

Parkinson’s Disease cannot be detected at the early stage of the disease when therapeutic intervention would provide the best opportunity to slow, or even halt, disease progression. More than 10 million Americans are estimated to have unrealized Parkinson’s Disease at this time, making Parkinson’s the fastest growing neurological disease in America.

We extend our continued gratitude to the training session volunteers, board members and handlers who continue to support our 20 fabulous sniffer dogs; to the many who attend the live demonstrations of the dogs at work; and to the many individuals and support groups who supply donor samples for the Program. We extend our very deep gratitude to our sample donors and supporters who are battling Parkinson's Disease. The work we do is for you.

On behalf of the entire PADs team, we are grateful and honored to be a thread in the fabric of a community that continues to work for a better world.

With gratitude,

Lisa Holt and Richard Lind

Lisa Holt, Director of Canine Detection (sanjuanlisa@gmail.com) and

Richard Lind, Board President (ralind1949@gmail.com)


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