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Hubbard: Doesn't get any better than San juan EMS; Vote yes on levy

  • Written by Joaquin Hubbard

I encourage you to vote Yes on the Public Hospital District's EMS Levy! I have lived on the island over 40 years and up until very recently was a volunteer EMT with San Juan Island EMS for 30 years, co-coordinating the first mock DUI drill for the high school among other things and at the same time commuted to Seattle and worked as a Seattle firefighter for 20 years and just retired.

What I learned while working with the staff and volunteers here set me up for a great career in Seattle. I've taught classes all over the United States in the fire service over many years. I'm telling you this because I've seen the inner workings of departments from small volunteer to the largest paid professional and it doesn't get any better than San Juan EMS.

The professionalism, dedication, and passion this organization has to take care of emergencies in this community we should all be proud of and support! We are very very lucky we have this level of care because from my observations it's one of a kind. All it needs is our financial support to continue doing what it's always done, take care of us in our times of need and save our and our families lives in emergencies and that's priceless.

Vote Yes!

Joaquin Hubbard