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You Are Missing Out!

  • Written by Susan Grout Liz Pillow Patty Rasmussen Lee Sturdivant

A small group of us on San Juan Island are thrilled, delighted, moved, awed, and impressed by our local community theater’s presentation of the New York Metropolitan Opera.

We are so fortunate, that right here in our small town we have this world class opera due to the generosity of Dodie Gann. It’s amazing to us that more people in our community don’t embrace the excitement, the lushness and grandeur of opera. This treat is available for a fraction of the cost of going to a large theater production in the city. Monthly we revel in watching the Met opera on the enormous screen, the dramas and sometimes comedies of various operas. Naturally, the singing is gorgeous, but included as a delight for the senses are the rich elegant costumes, amazing scenery and fascinating stories that unfold as we sit in our comfortable chairs and thoroughly enjoy our time in the darkened theater.

We’ve taken to going out after the show to various places for a drink to discuss what we’ve seen, what parts we loved best and what perhaps was difficult for us.

Don’t miss out! Won’t you join us? We are also awarding scholarships to any student willing to take a chance on the opera. How about it?

Susan Grout

Liz Pillow

Patty Rasmussen

Lee Sturdivant

San Juan Island