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Scott & Marie Johansen: Vote for Sheriff Ron Krebs

  • Written by Scott & Marie Johansen

We are writing in support of re-electing Ron Krebs as our Sheriff.

I am a retired deputy and have known and worked directly with Ron for years. My wife, also retired, worked for District Court and she too worked with Ron over the years.

Ron is dedicated to San Juan County and it’s citizens. He has the skills needed to work effectively within his office, with other departments, as well as with the County Council. He displays the highest level of integrity, honesty and commitment and he works tirelessly on behalf of the residents of our County.

The Sheriff’s office must follow the law in everything they do. At times changes to the laws can constrain the Sheriff’s department ability to act decisively, and they have hampered law enforcement’s ability to make arrests.

In any election the candidates make promises, but the fact is that promises can only be fulfilled within the bounds of the law, the budget and County Council endorsements. We ask you to vote for the candidate who has a proven track record, who can negotiate and works well with others and who is dedicated to protecting our unique community and providing quality service to our County.

Vote for experience.

Vote to re-elect Sheriff Ron Krebs.

Scott & Marie Johansen