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Cohen: We are lucky to have Ron Krebs as Sheriff

  • Written by Lauren Cohen

I fully support and encourage the re-election of Ron Krebs for San Juan County Sheriff. As a business owner and 15 year county resident, I have learned that we are very lucky to have him. While I do not know the Sheriff personally, I have found him to be a strong leader who recognizes the true nature of his job of protecting our community rather than as a political figure pushing an agenda. He has not allowed the virus of violence and lack of consequences, common elsewhere, to infect our community.

I was most impressed with Sheriff Krebs during the depths of the pandemic when he was tasked with administering the historically abhorrent “snitch line”. I observed that he and the undersheriff handled both the victimized businesses and the kind of people that would call such an entity with professionalism, kindness and decency. This appears to be his approach to law enforcement which we all should appreciate.

I do not know his opponent, but some “woke” language used in campaign propaganda is of concern as it has no place in law enforcement. That said, I have no doubt he is a dedicated sheriff’s deputy honorably serving our citizenry and deserving of respect for the brave nature of the job. He seems well liked.

Ron Krebs has faithfully served both country and community distinguishing himself as the kind of individual we need leading this department. His steady governance has been good for this unique community. I sincerely hope he is re-elected and can continue demonstrating the excellence we have come to expect.

Lauren Cohen

San Juan Canvas, Co.