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Leslie Brennan: Eric Peter has the most experience in Law Enforcement

  • Written by Leslie Brennan

“Experience Matters” is a campaign slogan in the current Sheriff’s race, but it matters a lot what field or occupation you’re experienced in. If I wanted to fly to somewhere in the world, I’d prefer an experienced pilot. If I’m going to have root canal surgery, I’d prefer an experienced dentist. Likewise, in the Sheriff’s race, I prefer to choose and vote for the person who actually has the most experience in law enforcement.

We may not have the big city challenges for law enforcement personnel, but we are still a busy destination community that is growing in population and the crime that comes with those things. Now that we have a choice for the most experienced and qualified person for this job, we need to take the opportunity to choose the right Sheriff.

After his military career, Eric Peter joined the Houston Police Department and was employed there for 22 years. Starting out as a Patrol Officer, Eric was assigned to Gang Task Force and Violent Crime impact patrol. When he became a Sergeant, Eric was in charge of supervising airport, emergency communications, Westside patrol and Crime Analysis. Eric Peter has received twenty-two written Commendations, two Chief of Police Commendations and never received any written citizen complaints during that time. His 20+ years with Houston PD affords him some noteworthy, relevant training, experience and qualifications that San Juan County could surely benefit from.

Ron Krebs experience prior to becoming Sheriff was as the manager of a Les Schwab tire shop. He was hired in 2007 as an untrained rookie deputy, elected Sheriff in 2014 and has no other experience than on the job by trial and error. Ron was never promoted within the department and after only eight years on the job, was elected Sheriff.

There has been quite a learning curve for Krebs and there have been a lot of mistakes made because of his lack of experience in law enforcement. It has cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in court fines and case dismissals because of his disregard of the laws that give those accused of a crime a fair trial and left no justice to those who the crime was committed against.

If the Sheriff’s position was appointed with job experience and qualifications required, Eric Peter would certainly stand out as the best candidate.

Vote for the person with the most experience in law enforcement.

Vote for Eric Peter.

Leslie Brennan