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Roochvarg: The Library Proposal: Some Background

We have the opportunity to make a positive and substantial contribution to our community by voting “YES” on the bond for building a new San Juan Island Library. After thoroughly investigating all options (including remodeling the current facility now on the Spring Street property) and consulting construction specialists, the Library Board has determined that the best and least costly alternative to the Library’s overcrowded and aging facility is a new building, one that is not oversized but that can meet today’s needs and allow for later expansion for tomorrow’s new services.

Mindful of spending community monies carefully, the Board has spent years studying and considering what kind and size facility is needed, assuring that the cost estimates are up-to-date and that, given the expense of public building construction, the request for funds is based on actual need.

Please help bring this vital 100-year-old community resource into a 21st century facility. Vote Yes for your public library!

Alan Roochvarg

Lynn Weber/Roochvarg