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Boye: Kari McVeigh gets my vote

  • Written by Scott Boye
Kari McVeigh gets my vote!
Kari has decades of experience working as a public servant for a variety of school districts.  She will hit the ground running with expertise in budget and finance, personnel, facilities and community interaction.
In addition to superintending San Juan Island School district and currently superintendent of Shaw School district, McVeigh worked at a school district with a larger budget than all of San Juan County.  Experience with money counts!
Kari's experience managing school districts has required supervising workforces with many times more employees that San Juan County.  Balancing the needs of various departments requires decades of experience, a singular skill McVeigh has practiced for decades.
The county has many facilities to keep in working order, just as a school district.  A leaky roof is the same in a school as it is at the courthouse.  Experience counts!
Kari McVeigh, more than any other skill, knows how to work with people.  Kari has interacted with parents of school-aged children her entire career.  Each parent is interested in the best for their child and Kari understands how to provide for the needs of many.
I'm voting for Kari McVeigh because she's smart, compassionate, tough and mostly because she's experienced.
Scott Boye
Friday Harbor