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The Six Enemies of Food Storage


A recurring theme in preparedness circles is food storage. After all, when faced with a disaster or crisis, the mobs will ascend upon the grocery stores and clear the shelves in a matter of days if not hours. It is no surprise, therefore, that having an extensive knowledge of food storage techniques is an important cornerstone of every family preparedness plan.



All six-year-old boys have energy to spare, but this little boy was extremely blessed in the energy department. It was often difficult for him to walk rather than to run, and sitting still for more than 20 seconds required assistance from on high. So when I decided to engage him in conversation, I knew that I might be pressing my luck. Fortunately, I chose the right topic: food!

9 Mistakes Typically Made by Preppers


Once upon a time I was a novice prepper and there are days that I still feel that way. Having chosen the prepper lifestyle, I always find myself in search of that next greatest thing - whether it is a piece of gear, a new type of freeze dried food, a fabulous new prepping book or a DIY survival skill. No matter what it is, there always seems to be something out there to capture my attention.



Why is it that some folks need a Hallmark holiday for the incentive to do something nice for someone else? They’ll max out their credit cards from Thanksgiving through Christmas. They’ll spring for flowers, chocolates, jewelry and fancy dinners with Champagne on Valentine’s Day. Every holiday has its own requirements, and there is a greeting card for every major occasion.



If a person wants to feel bad, it’s not a difficult task to accomplish. Just thinking about the economy, global warming, life threatening illnesses, and politics is usually enough to get the job done. Approaching asteroids, earthquakes, tsunamis, and mentally ill gunmen have made it even easier to live in fear based badness. Now, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people have yet another reason to feel bad.

34 Ways to Use Duct Tape for Survival


I have always claimed - and not altogether jokingly - that you could build a house with Elmer’s glue and Duct Tape. Both items are readily available, relatively inexpensive and easy to tote around. I will set aside the Elmer’s for another time, though.

Today, I thought it would be fun to look as some of the practical uses of duct tape around the house, camping and of course, in a survival situation.



I was sitting at my desk with my telephone headset on when the phone rang. I had not been expecting a phone call, but for some reason I had come home and put on the headset before checking my computer. In fact, I was so surprised when the phone rang that I pressed the talk button and waited for someone to speak rather than answering in the usual manner. “David? Is that you?” a hesitant voice asked.

What is Intra-oral Massage?


Intra-oral massage is a safe and effective technique that includes massage to the neck, throat, shoulders, facial muscles and the muscles of the jaw. The jaw work is done by working on the inside of the mouth. This work can be very helpful in relieving stress and tension around the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) as well as the face and neck and even down into the shoulder girdle.