Stand Up Men: Raising $45K for SAFE San Juan

Stand Up Men chose April, Sexual Assault month, to launch a campaign to dramatically upgrade SAFE San Juans' in-school and community prevention education programs. SAFE’s mission is to make our community and youth free from sexual assault and domestic violence.

The Stand Up Men can be seen every Friday from 12 noon to 1 p.m. in front of San Juan County Courthouse. Matt Pranger photo


San Juan Island Real Estate market summary

The first quarter results for San Juan Island were very similar to the first quarter results last year. San Juan Island’s dollar volume for the quarter reflected a decrease of 12.5% as compared to the same quarter in 2018. The first quarters are often a roller coaster for our islands and are affected by weather, local and national events. The number of transactions was down 31%.


Ocean Outbreaks: from Seagrasses to Seastars

Tiny microbes are on the prowl to undermine the health of our oceans. Epidemics of our ocean biota are often unseen beneath the waves, so I have written a book about the impacts of underwater outbreaks, a first-hand account of our trials and adventures while chasing epidemics from Mexico and Hawaii to Indonesia and back to the Salish Sea. I focus on the stories of four of these outbreaks to describe how the epidemics unfolded, to figure out what microbe(s) were causing the outbreaks and to record the impacts to both ocean biodiversity and people. As a group, my students, colleagues and I have spent a lot of time underwater, so this is also a tale of our explorations, struggles and triumphs in strange places.


Weisbrod: Response to Mr. Fowler's letter about Pledge of Allegiance at Mullis Center

Mr. Fowler is correct that the Mullis Center is discontinuing the practice of saying the Pledge of Allegiance at its Senior Lunches. We have come to realize that some seniors are not comfortable with this practice.

Our aim is to better fulfill our mission to serve ALL seniors on San Juan Island without regard to race, color, creed, religion or national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability, etc. Our decision has nothing to do with patriotism.

We certainly do not intend to disrespect veterans or the flag!

Our Meals Program receives federal funding, as well as funding from non-governmental sources, that require we be open to all. We note that in offering Senior Lunches the Mullis Center is not a legislative body engaged in the people’s business, nor are we a patriotic organization where the pledge is central to its functions. It’s just lunch. You don't say the Pledge of Allegiance before a meal at a restaurant.

In response to a complaint from some participants, the Operations Committee has adopted a policy that Senior Meals will include the Pledge of Allegiance on those special occasions where a patriotic gesture is appropriate.

As the Mullis Center moves to offering meals three times a week in April, we particularly want to welcome all seniors and people with disabilities on the island to join us for lunch. Note that lunch is open to everyone, not just seniors! Please join us ( Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11:30) and bring a friend!

Rita Weisbrod, Chair, Mullis Center Operations Committee


Spicer: Please save Coffelt Farm

I am writing this letter to beg the San Juan County Land Bank to invest the funds necessary to save the San Juan County agricultural institution that is Coffelt Farm. Only with the Land Bank's help can we rebuild Coffelt Farm and help it be what it so desperately wants to be: a self sustaining, non profit farm that is dedicated to passing on the traditions and practices of the farmers who came before. This country, this county and this island cannot afford to lose another small farm due to a lack of proper infrastructure and funding.