Wilding: Supports Brandli for District Court Judge

Dear Editor:

In 2011, I was referred to Steve Brandli by another attorney in San Juan County because he was “the best attorney in the County”. I was facing a life threatening divorce with a man that had repeatedly told he would kill me and the details of how he would do it.

Steve is an extremely compassionate and understanding man. He comforted me through a very insane divorce and difficult time in my life.

Throughout the process, Steve made sure that I stayed focused on the priorities at hand. My father died during that time and we chose Steve as our estate attorney as well. Despite family discord, he made sure everything was done according to the law and consoled those that opposed the details of my father’s Will.

Also during that time, he oversaw a large real estate transaction for us. He excelled in all areas. His experience and ability to research is without comparison.

Steve has been my attorney and friend for seven years. He will be a very fair, compassionate and knowledgeable Judge in San Juan County. Please join me in voting for Steve Brandli as our next District Court judge.

Tara Wilding

Shaw Island


Ferran: Supports Gaylord for Prosecuting Attorney

Dear Editor,

I'm writing to urge the voters of San Juan County to vote for Randy Gaylord in the upcoming election. I've known Randy and his family for over 25 years. I have always appreciated the integrity that Randy brings to his job as our Prosecutor. I've also valued the support that he's offered in his capacity as prosecutor to those of us that also work for the public. I believe that Randy has the necessary qualifications that we should all demand of our Prosecuting Attorney: KNOWLEDGE, INTEGRITY AND COMPASSION - he's demonstrated his astuteness and those virtues for almost 25 years. I wonder if his opponent can do the same.


OPALCO Supports Affordable Housing Solutions: Vote YES FOR HOMES

The OPALCO Board of Directors unanimously supports the YES FOR HOMES measure on this November’s ballot. The lack of affordable housing effects OPALCO’s ability to hire and retain a qualified workforce to keep our islands’ power system up and running. We’ve seen candidates for open positions drop out and employees leave due to the scarcity and high cost of housing in the San Juans.

OPALCO employs 50 islanders and pays a good living wage. Even so, the current housing market presents a barrier to the next generation of co-op staff we will depend on to keep the lights on. We want our co-op employees to stay for their whole careers, if they want to; be able to raise a family and have a good quality of life. Housing is the foundation of this quality of life and we must act, as a community, to solve this crisis.

In OPALCO’s recent survey of low-income households, 1,500 of our co-op members identified housing as their highest cost issue and greatest barrier to financial stability. Caring for our community is a commitment we make as a co-op business and we pledge to do all we can to help solve this problem for our membership. Voting YES FOR HOMES in November is a good start.

Vote YES FOR HOMES to support the people who keep the lights on – and to support all those who make our communities bright by building their businesses and lives in this beautiful place we call home.

Foster Hildreth

General Manager Orcas Power & Light Cooperative


Johns: Supported Krebs for sheriff in 2014, will not vote for him in 2018

Anger and pain are two negative experiences so closely bound together it can sometimes be hard to know where one ends and the other begins. For those watching, it is often perceived as anger. Recently, I was asked why I was so angry with the current Sheriff. Apparently Krebs himself has asked others this question, though never me directly. I want to clear up once and for all . . . I am not angry. I am hurt.