Orca Relief Citizens Alliance letter to all legislators about killer whale's "acoustic hell"

Dear Senator Rolfes,

Thank you for your service and commitment to the people and places of Washington State. Because of the snow here in Friday Harbor, I was unable to be in Olympia for yesterday's testimony on behalf of the southern resident orca whales and their need for quiet and undisturbed waters in order to survive.

Here is my two-minute testimony in writing:


Janet Thomas: To Care Or Not To Care

“How do we make people care?” was my last discussion with scientist, Dr. Timothy Ragen, the retired Executive Director of the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission. We’d both been in Olympia on Tuesday to testify in support of noise-and disturbance-free waters for the Southern Resident orca whales.


Power: If I Were Randy Gaylord

Dear Editors,

Many people have approached me asking for my views on Sheriff Krebs’ manipulation of the courtroom security camera so that defense counsel notes were legible during the criminal trial of State v. Dustin Schible.

It is too early tell the full extent and duration of this type of conduct. But is essential that this must be resolved.


Janet Thomas: Being of Service

I had to go to India to meet Jeff Asher. I was at Deer Park Institute in northern India when another islander, Kurt Schwalbe, showed up to teach the Heart Sutra—with Jeff Asher in tow. Kurt, who is a Tibetan scholar and a Unitarian minister as well as a commercial diver, got me to Deer Park to begin with and I will be forever grateful. Ten years of visiting India has taught me a landslide of heart/mind lessons that I needed to learn.

Jeff at the local Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, N. India


Real Estate Updates: San Juan Island Real Estate Market Summary

In reviewing the year-end results for 2018, the sales dollar volume for the real estate market in San Juan County per the Northwest Multiple Listing Service was $305,674,278 which reflects a tiny increase in volume of 1.5% over 2017 when the volume was $300,622,909. The percentage of growth this year was pretty flat which was evidenced in all preceding quarter end numbers. The County closed an average of 45 transactions per month which is 9% below last year.