Slideshow: Trashion Fashion at 2017 San Juan County Fair

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Islanders model their Trashion Fashion

Trish Lehman described the inspiration for the outfits as islanders sashayed their way across the lawn and onto the stage at this year's Trashion Fashion show at the San Juan County Fair. Outfits included ones made from a 25-pound popcorn bag from the movie theater, old fair t-shirts, matchbooks, and a large blue tarp. 

Pieces of a survival suit and other debris found at the FH UW Labs made for a colorful outfit. Photos by Sharon Kivisto

Francie Hansen, who's organized the event for years, followed Kevin Roth and wrapped up the show. Noting her cow-hide-like dress, Lehman said Francie will continue organizing the event until the "cows come home".

Kevin Roth puts the finishing touches on his outfit.


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