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Kiwanis win San Juan Island Community Foundation 2019 Knowledge Bowl

After the Friday Harbor Kiwanis team finished in second place in the 2018 Knowledge Bowl, team member Brandon Cadwell immersed himself in the game show Jeopardy to prepare for the 2019 competition. It paid off as the team - Cadwell, Nancy Fusare, Beth Eden, Lowell Jons - won the 25th Annual San Juan Public Schools Foundation Knowledge Bowl. 

We're Number 1. 

Brent Snow was the emcee and asked a variety of questions ranging from geography to pop music to the U.S. Constitution. Surprisingly several of the adult teams knew Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was Lady Gaga. Very few teams knew the three requirements to be U.S. President. Most everybody knew two - have to be a natural-born citizen, must be 35 years old. The third - must reside in the U.S. for 14 years. 

The eighth-graders tied with the Rotarians for sixth place with 32 points. The team - Colby Border, Marcia King, Zach Place and Islay Ross - won the costume contest. The boys were decked out as cheerleaders and the girls as football players. 

The 9th and 10th grade team - Tyler Flemming, Emma Mughal, Joshua Mellinger, Robin Taylor - finished in fifth place place with 48 points. 

The 11th and 12th grade team - Lucy Urbach, Tori Polda, Aidan Shannon, Justin Ha - finished in a close second with 66 points - two points behind the Kiwanis Team.  

Spring Street International School's team - Addi Kessler, Leah Black, Cyrus Froning, Ula Grace -  finished in third place with 58 points. 

Between the first and second rounds, a giant check showing the estimated $1,515,256 that the Foundation has given to the San Juan Island Public School District in the past 25 years was presented to Friday Harbor High School Principal Fred Woods. 

Friday Harbor Lions - Bill Waxman, Jon Zerby, Bruce Martin, Sheila Martin - finished in last place with 22 points.

Brandon Cadwell, Beth Eden, Nancy Fusare, and Lowell Jons conferred. They finished in first place with a total of 68 points. In 2017 they came in third, in 2018 in second and in 2019 they won.

The Rotary team - Chris Compton, Pete Rose, Bob Jarman, Adam Eltinge - finished tied with the eighth-graders for sixth place with  with 32 points. 

Friday Harbor Soroptimists - Laura Jo Severson, Patty Brightman, Barbara Sharp, Necia Quast - finished in fourth place with 56 points. 

The final question - on  which the teams could bet all or some or none of their points - was: How many English words can you make - without rearranging the letters - of the word: Therein. 

The answer was nine. The audience ruled that "I" didn't count because it has to be capitalized. ee cummings was not represented in the vote. 


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